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Malta Public Holidays

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Malta celebrates 14 public and national holidays each year. All holidays that fall under national or public holidays are non-working paid holidays. The government distinguishes the difference between a public holiday and a national holiday by flying the national flag on all dates it considers a national celebration. These holidays are patriotic in theme.

National holidays are regulated by the National Holidays and other Public Holidays Act of 1975, and by an amendment in 2005 that states that holidays occurring on the regular rest days (weekends) do not entitle workers to an additional day off from work. This Act prevents holidays from being moved to the following Monday if they occur on rest days.

The Labour Laws of Malta state that all employees are required to receive pay for their non-working holidays. However, it is not clear what occurs when an employee is required to work on a holiday due to the nature of their position. In many cases, a substitute paid day off is usually given per work contract.

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